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Concurrent events to stay ahead with China’s market needs.

2018 event highlights

Asia Intelligent Security Technology forum-3
  • Exemplary Case Study Zone
    Artificial intelligence and IoT technology were featured heavily at the zone, providing fairgoers with key product analysis and industry insights. Applications of the technology were stretched into public safety, retail, medical care, building management, transportation and factory. 

  • Live Talk with Industry Experts Zone
    The zone gave visitors the chance to listen to two-way dialogue between high level representatives of security industry giants.

  • Asia Intelligent Security Technology (AiST) forum
    The forum involved seminars which were delivered by experts representing government departments and industry leading companies.   

Concurrent exhibition

Regional platform for the electrical engineering, building and home automation markets.

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology

Urbanisation has become one of the largest driving forces of China's economy, and building technology gains stronger focus in the country's national development.

To highlight development trends of smart cities, energy saving and efficient technology as well as smart grids, the Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT) covers the sectors of power supply and energy management systems, electrical enginering, building and home auotmotion as well as smart homes.

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